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Revealed below: The amazing neck pain cure with a 93% success rate that your chiropractor, doctor, and physical therapist hope you never discover...

Warning: The letter below will shock you.

It will fly in the face of everything you currently know about neck pain...

... challenge your current belief systems...

... and possibly change your life forever.

If you're willing to listen, I'm about to dig up the "untold story" of why your doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists are FORBIDDEN from curing your neck pain.

It may be an uncomfortable ride, but I promise... by the end of this letter you'll finally have the answer to your biggest question...

"Why has NOTHING worked so far to permanently get rid of my neck pain?"

Let's get started.

From the desk of: Jesse Cannone CFT, CPRS, MFT
To: Neck pain sufferers looking for some answers...
Date: Monday, December 07, 2015

Why do YOU think you have neck pain right now? Go ahead and think about that for a second. It's not a trick question, I promise.

Do you think it's because your spine is out of alignment (as your chiropractor would tell you)... or that you have tight muscles? Or maybe you figure it's from an injury – either previously or recently? Or maybe you believe it "runs in your family"?

Here's a bit of a shocking statement.

As weird as it may seem, ALL those answers are wrong.

Let me explain.

Your own muscles play tug-of-war with your spine everyday, which causes muscle imbalances... which cause your pain!

Take a look at the picture of the dog being stretched between the arms of 2 children.

Imagine that poor little stuffed dog as your spine. The arms you see in this picture are your muscles constantly trying to pull your spine in either direction at the same time.

When one side of your body is slightly stronger or more/less flexible than the other, it creates an imbalance.

And just like in tug-of-war... the game seems relatively equal at first and you experience no pain.

But as one side becomes more dominant, you begin to develop muscle imbalances.

Then one day out of the blue... you do something harmless like reach down to tie your shoe... turn your head to look behind you... or lift something up and...

....BAM! Pain shoots through your neck...

... and then begins the endless cycle of popping pain killers, being in a constant state of discomfort, and finally heading to the chiropractor to try and fix the problem.

But when your chiropractor cracks your back and neck... it may relieve the pain, but only temporarily.


Because your chiropractor temporarily gets your neck back into alignment , temporarily relieving the pain...

...but they don't fix the problem which is CAUSING your neck to be out of alignment (and can't, because if they did, they might lose their business)...

So Is This All Your Doctors, Chiropractors Or
Physical Therapists Fault?

Unfortunately, your doctors have a "hidden" agenda that they can't tell you in fear of losing you as a patient.

As you know, your chiropractor, physical therapist and doctor run a business, not a charity organization.

Therefore... the more people they can shuffle in and out of their office each day... the more money they make.

If they can't meet their quota for insurance, pay their enormous overhead and have enough money left to pay their employees and their own bills... their business goes bye-bye.

Think about this for a second.

As a business owner, what makes more sense to them...

A) Giving you a temporary solution, ensuring you come back time and time again...

B) Fixing you permanently, and losing you as a patient?

A is the obvious answer - for them at least.

If they don't have enough customers, they go out of business. So it's not that they're "evil", it's just that they need to provide a happy balance between helping you, and keeping their business alive.

Part of this process is convincing you that you need to be treated for a specific condition.

Unfortunately for you...

They Use Fancy Machines Such As Catscans, MRI's And X-Rays To "Diagnose" Your Condition - And Then Convince You To Stick With A Specific "Treatment" For That Diagnosis...

When someone first feels pain in their neck, they might put up with it for awhile, hoping the pain will go away. But when it doesn't, they start thinking of getting an MRI, catscan or an x-ray to figure out what's causing their pain.

The problem in these instruments - while sometimes valuable... completely miss out on the most common ROOT cause of the problem you're dealing with... your muscle imbalances.

You see, not only do your doctors need to keep their business afloat - they also have to keep the insurance companies happy. The insurance companies demand your doctors provide a specific "diagnosis" of what's causing your pain - that way they can "label" you and give you a generic solution for the problem.

Depending on what the doctor see's... they diagnose you with a specific condition, like a herniated or bulging disc, and then try to "cure" your pain by giving you any number of treatments, including...

... cortisone shots

... anti-inflammitory painkillers

... electric stimulation

... chiropractic manipulations

... and even surgery - which has been proven to be unnecessary in over 80% of cases!

But NONE of these treatments take care of the muscle imbalances which led to the herniated/bulging disc or other diagnosed condition in the first place!

The Secret To Long-Lasting Neck Pain Relief WITHOUT Resorting To Doctors Or Harmful Pain Killers...

It's incredibly frustrating to experiment with various pain-relief methods just to try and get some type of relief... and have every single method fails. It's almost like the world is purposely forcing you to ride a never-ending carousel of pain and discomfort...

  • You first thought pain killers might help dull the pain, and maybe they did temporarily, but you know deep in your gut that they're creating a lot more problems than they're helping...
  • You've also tried looking up "free" information online... and that didn't help either (after all, anybody can give free advice, but that doesn't mean it's good!)
  • Finally you resorted to a chiropractor or other neck pain doctor, but that relief only lasted a few days because he or she can only fix the temporary misalignment in your spine.

If you've had any of these experiences and you'd like to get off the Neck Pain Carousel once and for all, let me tell you about an at-home neck pain relief system that has helped 93% of people who've used it.

Keep in mind - a success rate of 93% is higher than ANY other method of neck pain relief... including doctors, therapy and surgery!

Introducing: The First And ONLY Customized Neck Pain Solution Ever Created.... The Lose the Neck Pain® System

Dr. Paris is one of the only chiropractors in the world who teaches these techniques...

It's a shame that doctors these days don't have the time to teach the techniques necessary to correct your muscle imbalances and get rid of your pain for good.

For that matter, it's a shame so many doctors never heard of muscle imbalances in the first place thanks to the standard "drug 'em and cut 'em" mindset conventional medicine teaches these days.

Fortunately... one bold doctor refused to be a slave to insurance companies... and teamed up with us to put together the world's first and only customized neck pain solution that we know of.

The Lose the Neck Pain® System was developed by a neck pain specialist and dear friend of mine, Dr. Paris.

He is the owner of the Advanced Spine & Wellness Center and has completed 15 modules and over 240 hours of postgraduate training in spinal biomechanics, dysfunction and correction methods.

He's also a distinguished Fellow of Chiropractic Biophysics and a performance enhancement specialist.

In other words - he's incredibly highly qualified - and one of the only chiropractors in the world to ever put together a course teaching the methods he personally uses on himself and his own clients in his thriving business.

... and very recently, I teamed up with Dr. Paris and put together a solution which is customized to your specific muscle imbalance so you can get rid of your neck pain once and for all.

Many years of talking to people with neck pain showed us they were simply looking for an easy-to-do and inexpensive solution that was customizable to the exact condition they were suffering from.

And after several months of blood, sweat and tears... and piggybacking off the success of our "Lose The Nack Pain System" which has already helped relieve or eliminate back pain in over 50,000 people worldwide... we developed a system that did exactly that.

Here's how it works...

The program consists of 1 DVD, 3 audios, a reference manual and 90-days personal support (as well as many bonuses you'll see below).

You simply...

  • Watch the DVD...
  • Fill out the workbook to figure out exactly what's causing your neck pain, and then...
  • Perform the easy, quick exercises which are customized to your specific pain issue...

We believe in a whole-body approach to pain relief so you'll also get our specific health and mindset tips to help you not only reduce your pain, but reduce your weight and improve your overall health and fitness in every area.

Yes, it'll take a few minutes a day (what have you ever accomplished worthwhile without some kind of effort?), but everything you need to do is simple and easily done right from the comfort of your own home.

No long car drives to the chiropractor, no expensive pain medications... and no more pain.

If Your Doctor Has "Diagnosed" You With Any Of The Following Conditions, You Can Find Relief Using Our System...

I Believe In This Product So Much... I Tested It
On My Own Daughter Natasha First To Make Sure It Was Perfect!

My daughter Natasha performing one of the many exercises included in the program with ease...

I've always heard that the way to truly tell if you believe in a product is to test it out on your own family. So as Dr. Paris and I were developing this product, we decided to enlist my daughter Natasha as our "guinea pig".

She's in college so I don't get to see her as much anymore. Recently she let me know she's been suffering from chronic neck pain for a couple years now.

(Probably from tilting her neck down to study)

Not excruciating neck pain (about a 5-6 out of 10 on a scale of 1-10), but the kind of pain that is annoying enough that you want to get rid of it at any cost.

So here's what we did...

Dr. Paris and I sat down with her and taught her the techniques used in Lose the Neck Pain®.

We showed her how to self-identify which types of muscle imbalances were causing her pain (we let her identify them herself... exactly like you'll be doing it)... and then showed her the exercises and techniques to do to correct the problem.

And her results?

Well let's just say that she had such great results from the system - she actually offered to be our "model" to show you the various exercises and stretches!

I have to admit, she was a little nervous.

After all, she's a young college girl who will now be "famous" after being part of our program so that was a little nerve-wracking for her. But she had a great time and was glad to help others enjoy the same pain-relief SHE got after going through the program.

Which brings me straight to my next point...

You'll Get EVERYTHING You Need When You Decide
To Get Rid Of Your Neck Pain For Good

I believe in giving you EVERYTHING you need to succeed. I understand just how frustrated you are that your chronic neck pain seems to practically take over every nerve of your body... making it nearly impossible to focus ... so I'm here to give you everything you could possibly need to finally get the lasting relief you're searching for.

Here's everything you'll receive when you invest in our "Lose the Neck Pain® System"...

Component #1: Lose the Neck Pain® Workbook And Video
Lose Neck Pain Workbook
Lose Neck Pain DVD

Your first step is to watch the video and fill out our workbook which allows you to customize your results. Here's a quick explanation of what's covered...

  • An in-depth explanation of how muscle imbalances cause your neck pain, as well as many other areas of your body...
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of our unique self-assessments inside the workbook to pinpoint which physical dysfunctions you have and how they're responsible for your pain.
  • Once you've identified your dysfunctions, we then walk you through the corrective exercises, stretches and self treatments that are specific to your condition and are necessary for you to rebalance your body and eliminate your pain.


Component #2: Lose the Neck Pain® Audio CD's

In addition to the video, you'll also receive 3 audio CD's.

Here's what's covered on the CD's:


Audio CD 1 - How To Get the Best Results Using The System - On this first CD we explain in detail how to use the system and how to get relief as quickly as possible. You'll discover...

  • ... some simple tips and tricks about how to get the most out of the system which saves you time and energy...
  • ... our mission and you will understand that even though it is a self pasted program, we are here to support you and provide you support in anyway we can.

Audio CD 2 - Strategies for Reducing and Managing Pain - On this CD you'll discover...

  • ... more then two dozen techniques that you can implement in your life right now and for the rest of your life
  • ... strategies on how to use the techniques to help you speed your recovery, while working with the program

Audio CD 3 - Condition Specific Recommendations - If you've been diagnosed with a specific condition, CD 3 will give you specific recommendations, techniques and treatments you may also want to consider.

In this 3rd audio CD we will reveal...

  • ... how the program can help you deal specifically with your symptoms
  • ... how the program can help you deal specifically with your diagnosis


Component #3: Lose the Neck Pain® Reference Manual
LNP Report

The reference manual provides you with exercises, stretches, and pain reduction strategies for easy reference even when you're on the go.

Another vital part of the Lose the Neck Pain® System is the extensive reference manual.

In addition to reviewing the information covered on the videos and audio CD's, it also covers several topics in much greater detail.

Plus, all of the corrective exercises, stretches and pain reduction strategies are included in the manual so you can easily take it with you.

You'll never be wondering what you are supposed to be doing or if you are doing things correctly. With the reference manual you'll have a guide you can go back to again and again should you ever forget an exercise or simply need a "refresher".


Component #4: Lose the Neck Pain® Personal Support
Personal Support

One of the reasons people get such great results using our system is because we provide extensive, effective and unlimited personal support for 90 days.

Just like tens of thousands of others have called on us for help with their back pain, we will provide you with the ongoing support and motivation that you need but aren't getting from your doctor or other health care providers to finally conquer your neck pain.

Once you begin using our system, we will work with you personally to ensure you get the best possible results using our system in the shortest amount of time. We'll answer any and all questions you have and make sure that you are making steady and consistent progress.

You'll receive the following for 90 days...

  • Unlimited email support
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Active discussion forum
  • Professional review of your assessment photos and findings
  • Personalized recommendations, motivation and support
  • We'll even consult with your healthcare professionals if necessary!

You have unlimited access to us... anytime you have questions simply email or call us and we will personally answer your questions with a detailed response within 48 hours, often times much faster!

Whether you have questions about how to use The Lose the Neck Pain® System or just general questions about neck and back pain, we'll be here to answer those questions for you. You can't get this kind of support anywhere else... not even from your doctor!

In fact, if you asked your doctor for support like this you could expect to pay several hundred dollars per month (IF they even let you). You're getting it FREE for 90 days when you order today. This alone is worth many times the price of the entire system!


How Much Will An Investment In
A Lifetime Of Neck Pain Relief Cost?

Thinking this system "costs money" is the wrong way of looking at it. Anything you pay money for which will bring you future benefits is an investment, not an expense.

And that's exactly what you're investing in today - a LIFETIME of relief from neck pain.

But before I reveal the small investment I'm asking you to make today in your new, pain-free neck... please review the chart below and consider the alternatives.

After looking at this chart, I'm sure you'll agree this is a pretty easy decision...


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And If You Order TODAY - I'll Give You
3 FREE Bonus Gifts!

I know you're probably skeptical.

After all I'm sure you've heard people promising to help with your neck pain before, but so far you haven't seen any positive results.

And even though our system has been proven to give relief to over 93% of people who try it and apply the techniques we teach, I want to make sure this is a "no-brainer" for you by giving you instant access to several bonuses, including...

Bonus #1: Stretching Secrets Revealed
(Value = $17)

Everyone knows that flexibility is important, but how do you stretch when you're in pain? In this audio program you'll discover everything you'll ever need to know about the correct, and incorrect ways of stretching.

You'll also discover the various types of stretching, how you need to modify stretches if you have pain and how to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. (downloadable mp3 file)


Bonus #2: How To Sleep Like A Baby PDF & Audios
(Value = $27)
Sleep Fan

Having trouble falling asleep is one of the most frustrating experiences you'll ever face. Worse yet it can lead to major health issues, irritability, a broken immune system, injuries, drastically reduced concentration... and much more!

This audio reveals WHY you haven't been able to fall asleep... as well as how to apply a few simple techniques and experience the most restful, “deep-as-the-Grand-Canyon” sleep of your life!


Bonus #3: Lessons From The Miracle Doctors
(Value = $37)
Miracle Doctors

This instantly downloadable e-book is filled with over 180+ pages of powerful information and specific step-by-step strategies you can use right now and everyday to get and stay healthy.

It's one of the most comprehensive yet easy to read and understand books on the subject of natural health.


Invest In Your Neck Health Today And Take Advantage Of My
90-Day, No-Questions-Asked, Money Back Guarantee...

No other neck-pain-relieving product or service I know of comes with a guarantee (because they don't work)... so just to prove that my system REALLY does work - I want to let you try the Lose The Neck Pain System for a full 90 days before deciding.

"You Get Relief or You Don't Pay"
90-Day Money Back Guarantee

"If The Lose the Neck Pain System Does Not Provide You With Quick and Lasting Pain Relief, Send It Back At Anytime Within 90 Days For A Prompt and Courteous Refund Of Your Purchase (minus shipping fees)"

Jesse Signature


Imagine the feeling you'll get as you can work comfortably all day long at work... go about your day without constantly having to massage your own neck... never have to deal with frequent headaches... and finally trash those harmful pain medications which are gradually eroding your stomach and putting your health at risk.

Unless you enjoy driving to various doctors appointments on a regular basis, the fastest and easiest road to making this happen is by testing out Lose the Neck Pain® and seeing if it works for you.

Remember ... if you aren't noticing improvements and starting to feel much better, simply return the system (at any time within 90 days) for a refund of the full product price (minus shipping for physical versions).


Here's How to Get Started
Please Choose the Option that's Best For You
Lose the Neck Pain®
Physical DVD Version PLUS The Online Version

Includes the reference manual, 3 audios, personal support and the Lose the Neck Pain® DVD shipped straight to your door... PLUS instant access to the online version and the 3 instantly accessible downloadable bonuses...

Lose Neck Pain Group

Regularly $147

Today Only $77 plus s&h

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($10 s&h for U.S. customers
$20 s&h for non-U.S. customers)


Note To Canadian Customers: Please note that you are responsible forany duties, taxes or brokerage fees.

Lose the Neck Pain®
Online Version

Receive instant access to the reference manual, personal support, 3 audios, the Lose the Neck Pain® video and all 3 bonuses...


Lose Neck Pain Digital

Regularly $77

Today Only $47

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* The online version works best if you have a High Speed Internet connection.

Don't Want To Order Online? Here Are
3 More Convenient Ways to Order

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Take Action Now And Say Goodbye
To Your Neck Pain...

I trust you'll make the right decision in choosing to give the Lose the Neck Pain® System a shot. After all, you have absolutely NOTHING to lose and everything to gain.

  • If it works for you - you'll finally have the relief you've been looking for. And you'll finally be able to throw away those "stomach-destroying" medications and get your life back to how it used to be!
  • If it somehow doesn't work for you - you can simply return the product and receive a refund of the full product price (minus shipping for physical versions).

Remember... our system has been proven to work for 93% of the people who use it. Surgery and chiropractors work for less than 50% of the people who try them... and in terms of long-term relief... much less than that.

I think that's the fairest deal I can put together, and I'm sure you think the same. All that's left now is for you to reserve your copy of the Lose the Neck Pain® System and get started.

To yours in health,

Jesse Cannone

Jesse Cannone CFT, CPRS, MFT
Co-founder of The Healthy Back Institute®
Author of "The 7 Day Back Cure"


P.S. Don't put up with your neck pain any longer. Get "The Lose the Neck Pain® System" and start living the pain-free life you've been longing for. Click the Add To Cart button now to get started.

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P.P.S. Still have questions?

Still Have Questions?

Lose the Neck Pain® Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How does the Lose the Neck Pain® System work?

    A: The system works by having you identify how and where your body is out of alignment. You will be asked to do very simple physical and visual tests and assessments. Once you know how you are out of balance you can begin a very specific and targeted corrective exercise program based the actual cause of your pain... not your diagnosis.

  • Q: What do I get with the system?

    A: 1 Lose the Neck Pain® DVD
    3 Lose the Neck Pain® Audio CDs
    Lose the Neck Pain® Reference Manual
    Your Personal Lose the Neck Pain® Workbook
    Personal Support via Phone, Email, Help Desk or Fax
    All 3 Bonuses
    Access to the world's most active Neck And Back Pain Forum
    Access to all of our archived articles and videos

  • Q: How do I know the Lose the Neck Pain® System is for me?

    A: You can ask yourself this question: Have any of the healthcare professionals that you’ve worked with ever taken the time to assess you from a whole body perspective, told you how your pelvis is out of alignment, told you how your spine is out of alignment, told you which muscles are tight and which muscles are weak and then given you a targeted corrective exercise program to bring your body back into balance?

    If not, then you will benefit from the Lose the Back Pain® System. There is no way that you can't.

  • Q: What steps will I go through with the Lose the Neck Pain® system?

    A: You will go through three steps as follows:
    1. Identify the cause: The first thing you need to do is identify the dysfunctions you have and the muscle imbalances that have created it. You can do this by performing a series of "self assessments."

    2. Treat the Symptoms: You can't correct the problem if your pain is so severe that you can't move. So in this step you'll implement various strategies to help reduce and manage your pain so you can focus on correcting the dysfunction(s) that are responsible for your pain.

    3. Treat the cause of the condition: In this step you work on treating the causes, which are the dysfunctions and the muscle imbalances, that created it. You will also implement additional treatments and strategies that are specific to the condition you may have been diagnosed with.

  • Q: Is there an age bias to using the system?

    A: No. We have 90-year-old ladies on this program and every child on the plant should be aware of muscle imbalances so they do not grow up living with pain and not knowing how to address it.

  • Q: How long does it take to do the assessment with the System?

    A: The assessment process should not take anymore then 60 minutes to finish.

  • Q: How much time does one need to spend per day with the system?

    A: The average amount of time is 15 to 30 minutes per day; some do more some do less.

  • Q: Do I need any extra equipment to use the system?

    A: No, extra equipment is not needed but you are welcome to use gym equipment or home gym equipment if it helps you and if you can tolerate it.

  • Q: Is there a money back Guarantee for the System?

    A: YES, there is a prompt and courteous refund given for up to 90 days (minus shipping fees), no questions asked. All that we ask is that you use the system for 30 days the best that you can before deciding if it helps you or not.

  • Q: Has the system been successful?

    A: The Lose The Back Pain® System has a 93% customer satisfaction rating over the course of the past 5 years. The Lose the Neck Pain® System is based on the same principles with a specific focus on neck pain issues. We are proud of this and work very hard to keep it.

  • Q: What if I cannot identify my imbalances with the system?

    A: If you cannot identify your imbalances you are welcome to summit your assessment photos to our support department for help. Our Technical Support Department number is 1(800) 216-4908 #3.

  • Q: Are all those testimonials real?

    A: Yes, we do not have the time or the creative imagination to think up all of those stories. The photos are of our clients and in most cases they are doing the activity they love to do thanks to the system.

  • Q: I have had surgery and have screws in my body. Is the system right for me?

    A: The first thing you need to do is to ask your surgeon if you have any restriction to physical activity. If the surgeon gives you the clearance to do muscle balance therapy then yes you can benefit from the Lose the Neck Pain® System.

  • Q: How long does it take to get relief?

    A: There is no way to determine how long it will take to get relief. With that said, please understand that the longer you have had your imbalances and the longer your condition has been systematic, the longer it will take to get results.

    The other consideration is that you do not get better by simply doing the exercises or stretches but rather as a result of the work that you put in and the gains in strength and flexibility that you make over time. It takes about 3 to 6 weeks for strength gains to start to make a difference. Though short-term relief is felt immediately.

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