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Imagine finally gaining the upper hand over ANY type of pain ... pain that’s been stopping you from living your life the way you want to live it ... keeping you from doing ALL of the things you love.

What if I told you I could show you how to BANISH that pain in just a few short days?

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I’m not the only person who can change your life, but I do have a unique understanding of the most powerful, effective and FAST ways to give you what you’re looking for: A life free from pain... with NO drugs or surgery..

And today, I’m taking that a step further...

Hi, I’m Jesse Cannone. And whether you’re a longtime customer or you’ve just discovered the Healthy Back Institute and the amazing pain cures we offer, I’m going to show you a way to make ALL your pain, discomfort, aches, old injuries and nagging irritation disappear faster than you ever thought possible.

What do I mean by that?

What I’m going to show you is something I’ve put a lot of energy and passion into. I got together with my team of renowned experts at the Healthy Back Institute ... and with the experience of through years of research, feedback and success in healing pain, we’re going to share with you the information and tools that will let you banish ANY kind of pain you might have ... AND give you life-changing advice and tips to protect you from any kind of pain you might encounter in the future.

You get all of my natural, holistic pain-healing experience as the founder of The Healthy Back Institute ... PLUS the wisdom and knowledge of my medical advisory board of 7 doctors and pain specialists...

Together we’ve now helped over 175,485 people in an incredible 120 countries free themselves of the shackles of back, neck and other pain.

And they’re cured with all-natural, 100% safe, and innovative pain relieving methods that have turned the medical establishment’s “drugs and surgery” machine on its ear.

Now I’m going to shock them even more by opening the floodgates to total pain relief for you – the way YOU want it. On YOUR terms.

It’s an incredible opportunity to become a member in the Live Pain Free® family.

I’m opening up all my files ...
giving you access to all my research

... ALL of the hidden, forgotten and suppressed pain cures I’ve found, past OR future ...

...FULL access to exclusive interviews with the world’s most cutting edge health experts ...

...INCREDIBLE stories of awe-inspiring healing directly from members just like you ...

...DVDs, CDs, access to a treasure trove of archives, new and exciting bonus material, product reviews so you can discover what REALLY works for relieving pain ...

I sincerely believe that when you become a member of the family, you’ll not only start living a life free from pain ... but that you’ll take control of your entire life!

The information, special savings, and direct access to my team of experts virtually ensures you’ll start to feel better RIGHT AWAY. Plus, with this vast knowledge of cutting-edge tips, you're going to not just live your life, but enjoy your life even more.

We live in exciting times... just a few decades ago, we believed you either took a drug or got surgery for pain ... or you were just stuck with what you got.

Today we know better.

You have more freedom of choice than you ever dreamed of.

You can give your body the right solutions to heal the pain once and for all when you become a part of the Live Pain Free® family.

And the best part is, it’s VERY inexpensive.

I want to make this available to everyone, so I am charging only enough to cover the costs of the materials and production.

But I am giving away so much with this offer. If I priced Live Pain Free® at what it’s actually worth ... it would cost $1,888.50 the first month alone! Take a look at this chart:

So I decided to forget all the costs ... that no matter what it costs me personally, I want to make this affordable to everyone ... and offer Live Pain Free® for only $19.95 per month. That’s less than 67 cents a day!

AND I give you my personal promise that my investment in your health will be worth the small investment you make with me in return.

Heck, you’d spend more than a year’s membership on a single visit to a mainstream doctor - so why not give it a try? Plus, with more than $1,675.80 a month in value, it’s a true steal!

"So Well Written and Informative"

- Alex Mitchell, Print newsletter subscriber since 2014

"Live Pain Free® Reports On Things The Mainstream Media Won't Touch"

Cindy Baldhoff

"Live Pain Free® is an amazing newsletter. I enjoy this newsletter so much because you guys will report on things the mainstream media won't touch. Your topics are cutting edge and give information that big pharma doesn’t want people to know. And it gives natural remedies that doctors may not know about or they don’t believe will outperform their prescription drugs. The food and drug companies continue to confuse the consumer. These are the type of topics LPF tackles! Keep us informed! Keep up the great work!"

- Cindy Baldhoff

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What You Get as a Live Pain Free® Member –
It’s All Here for You!

I’m sure you think I’ve gone off the deep end with this offer...

But I truly believe that for the best health and most complete pain relief I can offer you that you MUST join my Live Pain Free® family today. Here’s everything you’ll get:

Groundbreaking printed newsletter.

My team and I pound the pavement to find the best, proven, and relatively unknown news and tips to bring you each month. My full-length printed newsletter includes in-depth analysis and education, always on the cutting edge of health and wellness. Plus, you’ll always get easy-to-follow steps to help you return to a healthy, pain-free life. Readers of my newsletter regularly rave about the in-depth articles on conditions, treatments, product reviews, recipes, tips, and even how-to demonstrations available exclusively to members of the Live Pain Free® family.

Revolutionary Disc of the Month.

Each month, I interview a revolutionary health and wellness expert, flying under the radar of media and drug-driven medicine. You’ll hear the truth that big pharma and the medical establishment won’t tell you... and actually try to keep you from knowing.

I promise you’ll learn so much from these interviews; I learn something valuable in doing them too. You’ll get a full recording of our conversation – busting myths, sharing secrets, and giving you the knowledge to get back on the road to healthy, pain-free living. I’m so happy to share these with you each month.

Monthly Bonus Exclusives.

There’s so much that can help you on your quest for health that I just can’t contain it in a single monthly newsletter. So, each month, I’ll share extra bonuses in your exclusive, online members-only website.

You’ll get in-depth special reports on a variety of health topics, bonus interviews, video examples of stretches and exercises, and more! No other pain-free living newsletter comes close to the quantity and quality of content my members get each month in the free bonus archives.

Members-Only Online Archives.

I’ve been doing this for a while, and have learned pretty quickly that a single monthly issue can’t answer everyone’s questions. So, I’ve decided to make the entire past issue archives of Live Pain Free® available online, only to members.

You’ll have immediate access to over 84 issues, and more than 50 interviews - all as a benefit of being a member of my Live Pain Free® family.

Latest News and Product Reviews.

In spite of the best efforts of the FDA, the rogue medical community is advancing at a rapid pace. As a leader in the fringes of health and pain-free living, I’m tapped into the latest and greatest news and new products, and I share this with my Live Pain Free® members as soon as I can. If you rely on the major networks or large newspapers to get your health news, you may as well still live in the 1950s.

I promise to keep you up-to-date with the latest, promising, and proven advances that can benefit your life.

Live Pain Free® Success Stories.

Over the last decade, I’ve received thousands of letters from successful customers.

With the author’s permission, I share their stories of successful transition to a healthy, pain-free life.

You’ll get inspiration from people just like you who have turned their life around. Plus, my commentary will help you apply their discoveries to your own situation.

Join Live Monthly Discussions.

As a member, the door is always open for you to participate in my monthly, Live Pain Free® members-only live Q&A session.

Each month I make myself and at least one other expert available for a real-time discussion. Where else can you get your own, personalized consultation without a huge co-pay or deposit?

Members-Only VIP Sales and Product Releases.

Members of my Live Pain Free® family are the first to hear about new products and special discounts.

I pledge to always offer you the first notification of new products from the Healthy Back Institute – and will always offer you the best deal I can.

Plus, members even get to try some of the latest products for FREE! You’ve seen the special discounts on products and services from the Healthy Back Institute – just imagine what you’ll see as a member of my family!

You Truly Do Become Part of My Inner Circle.

I know, it sounds like a marketing trick, but I promise I mean it.

Members of the Live Pain Free® family have direct access to my own personal brain trust.

You’ll have access to my own, personal email address, where you can get personalized support for your situation.

I think you'll agree that membership in the Live Pain Free® family is a steal at $19.95 a month. You’ll get over $1,888.50 in value each month.

Plus, considering the cost of just one visit to your chiropractor, doctor, physical therapist, specialist... OR the cost of expensive prescription and over-the-counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs that can have terrible side effects ... the money you'll save with the tips and information available to Live Pain Free® members will save you loads!

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... shouldn't that be a no-brainer for you?

I sure hope so!

And just in case for some reason it's not, I'd like to do something you'll NEVER find any NSAID or prescription pain medication doing for you.

I'd like to GUARANTEE that you’ll get everything you want out of your membership and participation in the Live Pain Free® community.

My team at the Healthy Back Institute is so confident that it will give you everything you need to heal your body and finally let you get past the pain for good and have you feeling better FAST ... that you can cancel your membership at any time if it doesn't.

That's right... all the risk is on us. If you stop finding value each month, you can cancel and never pay for another month. After all, we’re here for you.

So if you don't feel better, younger, with less pain and more mobility and freedom than you’ve had since you were a teenager, ... more energy, better sleep and a better outlook on life ... simply let us know and we'll gladly cancel your exclusive membership. It’s that simple.

But I doubt you’ll want to.

It’s an opportunity that’s too good to pass up. Full access... pain healing exclusives... real-time discussions with experts... VIP offers... all with no risk! So why not join today? You have nothing to lose except the pain.

Best wishes,

Jesse Cannone

Co-Founder, The Healthy Back Institute®

P.S. Now you can stop paying thousands of dollars to the multi-billion-dollar medical-drug industry that sentence you to a life of “treatment,” and start living pain free. All you have to do is join our Live Pain Free® community today!