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I used to think I knew a lot about pain management but boy was I wrong. I have learned so much from your newsletter. It's one of the best investments I've ever made regarding my health.

Angela T. (UK)

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Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Discover...

Jesse Cannone
Co-Founder, The Healthy Back Institute

I'm on a mission to help the millions of people like you who suffer from all types of back and hip pain unnecessarily.

Yes, I said unnecessarily... and that's because most people suffer because of a lack of accurate knowledge about what's really causing their pain (more about this in a moment).

On this 2-CD audio program we reveal why other treatments fail and why you absolutely must address three little-known secrets for ANY treatment to work!

Plus we share with you our tested-and-proven formula for getting the fast and lasting relief you need.

Here are some of the things you'll discover:

How to predict if a back-pain treatment is GUARANTEED TO FAIL. You'll save yourself hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars once you understand how to spot this fatal flaw in any treatment plan.

Why costly Spinal Decompression treatments don't work and can make your back pain worse. Those big-buck procedures can rob you of your precious money, time, comfort AND your overall well-being.

The FIVE hidden causes of back pain and why your doctor or therapist does NOT know about them. Uncover these five missing links in back pain treatments and you will get better, guaranteed!

Why Yoga or Pilates may actually cause you more harm than good. Here's how to make sure any exercise you do heals instead of harms you.

Discover the difference between soft tissue pain and nerve pain. And why it matters when it comes to long-term pain relief and healing.

Why surgery rarely relieves and, instead, may even increase your pain. Must-have information for anyone considering back or hip surgery!

The absolute BEST plan of attack for lasting and effective pain relief. From calming the fire of a flare-up to preventing reoccurrence of an old pain, all the tools you need are here for long-term healing and comfort!

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4. Truly Useful Tips - the latest breakthroughs in natural pain relief - delivered directly to your mailbox, not one of those "computer downloads" where you do all the work.

5. 3 Little-Known Secrets - why other treatments fail and why you absolutely must address three secrets for ANY treatment to work.

In addition, I'd like to include a FREE 30-day preview membership to my “Live Pain Free” monthly newsletter and audio interview CD series...

Each month my team and I put together a print newsletter jam-packed with the latest tested and proven strategies for you to safely and naturally reduce or eliminate your pain.

During your free 30-day trial membership, I will send you your personal copy of my “Live Pain Free” monthly newsletter, delivered straight to your mailbox!

Just look at some of the exciting information that awaits you in my “Live Pain Free” monthly newsletter...

  • Tips to ease night time pain and get a restful night of sleep
  • Gentle morning “movements” to boost joint function and physical tone
  • Great tasting and inexpensive foods to speed recovery from pain
  • Surefire steps to neck, shoulder, and upper back pain relief
  • Tips for relieving arthritis pain using proven, ancient techniques
  • Saving money on prescription and over-the-counter medications you don't need!
  • Knowing when and when not to schedule costly specialist visits

Plus – Along with my newsletter, I'll also send
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Each month I interview leading experts, known worldwide for
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  • The Healing Response: How to Know if a Treatment is Really Working
  • The #1 Underlying Cause of Pain You Won't Hear About From Your Doctor
  • The 3 Causes of Every Type of Pain
  • Magnesium for Pain Relief

You won't find this life-changing information anywhere else. These CDs are only available to our “Live Pain Free” newsletter subscribers.

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“Not sure which I like more - the easy to read and understand articles or the informative audio interviews. I really like the fact they come on CD so I can listen in my car while driving. Definitely a great resource for anyone who is looking to live without pain.”
P. Rothschild, Ann Arbor, MI

Imagine finally gaining the upper hand over your pain that's stopping you from doing the things you love. With this vast knowledge of cutting-edge tips, you're going to enjoy more of your life.

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Considering the cost of just one visit to your chiropractor, doctor, physical therapist, specialist... OR the cost of expensive prescription and over-the-counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs... the money you'll save with the tips in a single monthly issue will save you loads!

"So Well Written and Informative"

- Alex Mitchell, Print newsletter subscriber since 2014

"Live Pain Free Reports On Things The Mainstream Media Won't Touch"

Cindy Baldhoff

"Live Pain Free is an amazing newsletter. I enjoy this newsletter so much because you guys will report on things the mainstream media won't touch. Your topics are cutting edge and give information that big pharma doesn’t want people to know. And it gives natural remedies that doctors may not know about or they don’t believe will outperform their prescription drugs. The food and drug companies continue to confuse the consumer. These are the type of topics LPF tackles! Keep us informed! Keep up the great work!"

- Cindy Baldhoff

“I used to think I knew a lot about pain management but boy was I wrong. I have learned so much from your newsletter. It's one of the best investments I've ever made regarding my health. It's also one of the few things I read cover to cover. I highly recommend it!”

Angela T. (UK)

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So...how can you lose?

In two words... you can't. I'm giving away the store just to give you the knowledge you need to handle your worst pains.>

I truly hope you'll choose to live pain free. I'll be waiting to hear how it works for you!


Jesse Cannone
The Healthy Back Institute

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Get your FREE copy of the "Complete Healing Formula" Audio Program.