PRODUCT REVIEW: The ElectroCleanse®

"The ElectroCleanse®: A Glimpse Into
The Future Of Medicine?"

The ElectroCleanse® is a little-known device which uses precise electrical frequencies to exterminate harmful parasites from your body which are causing your joints, muscles and tendons to become inflamed.

This electrical process for eliminating pain is being talked about as one of the single biggest pain relief breakthroughs in the past century.

So How Does It Score?
  • Incredibly easy to use - Simply strap on the ElectroCleanse® just like you would put on a watch, anklet, bracelet or other piece of jewelry. It then goes to work as you watch TV, read a book, or just relax!
  • 100% Safe - unlike drugs and surgery
  • Long-Lasting - Lasts for decades... you'll only have to replace batteries!
  • Natural relief without drugs or surgery
  • Small, lightweight and can be used by people of all sizes
  • NO Effort Required - No exercises. No drugs. No painful contraptions.
  • It's GUARANTEED To Work - Give it a test-drive for 90 days. If for ANY reason you decide it's not right for you at this time, simply ship it back and you'll receive a prompt full refund of the purchase price (minus shipping fees). That means you risk virtually nothing... yet you stand to gain a pain-free life!
  • 2 Year Warranty To Work- Although very unlikely, you're also protected by the manufacturers 2-year warranty on ANY piece of the ElectroCleanse®. That simply means, if it breaks, they'll replace it!
  • Takes About 7 Minutes, 3x Per Day - Although it takes about 20 minutes per day... you can use this device while doing everyday activities such as watching TV, talking with a friend or relaxing on your couch! Use it while watching your favorite show at night and you'll hardly even notice it's on.
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In just a few minutes per day you can use The ElectroCleanse® to exterminate harmful parasites from your body which are causing your joints, muscles and tendons to become inflamed.

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This device has a calming effect on the body and mind and should not be used when driving or operating equipment that require your full attention?

Not everyone qualifies for Electro Cleanse therapy! Do NOT use if you: have any type of Electronic Implant (no matter what or where)...irregular heart rhythms...suspect or know you are pregnant...are prone to have seizures...have skin irritations, including malignancies over the area where the electrodes would be applied. For everyone else, Electro Cleanse is safe to use for the extermination of pain causing parasites invading your joints.
Do NOT use this device if...
  • You have any type of Electronic Implant, regardless of type or location
  • You have an irregular heart rhythm
  • You suspect or know you are pregnant
  • You are prone to having seizures
  • You have skin irritations, including malignancies over the area where the electrodes would be applied
ElectroCleanse® FAQs
Question #1: What is the minimum and maximum amount of time or steps I can use the device in a day and expect to get good results?
Each driver card has up to 24 frequency steps, typically between 3 and 7 minutes. We recommend using the device for at least three steps or one hour. Maximum usage depends on your tolerance.
Question #2: I have been given three different cards, which one do I use first?
In the welcome letter, we describe the different uses for each card. Please refer to the welcome letter for specific details on each card
Question #3: How many times per day can I use the device?
You may use the device as frequently as you wish based on your tolerance.
Question #4: What can I expect to experience when using the device?
  • Some people get drowsy… So do not use the device while driving a motor vehicle.
  • Some people experience a detox effect. Drink lots of water to flush out toxins.
  • As you feel better, you may want to reduce your use of the device and go on a "maintenance" schedule of twice a week, then weekly, then as needed. This is optional.
  • You may wish to continue using the device as long as you believe necessary to continue benefitting.
Question #5: Why would someone want to run the device at 15 volts?
The simple answer is more voltage makes the device more effective. However, higher voltages might lead to increased skin sensitivity while using the device. We set the default driver card voltage to 10 volts for this reason, but it may be modified at your discretion.
If you choose to use the device at a higher voltage setting we recommend using gel electrodes or handheld metal electrodes to avoid any skin irritation. You can also use the wrist straps on your ankles as a second location to minimize any skin irritation.
6. Is there any limit to my total use of the device? For example, could I use it every day for the rest of my life?
There are no limits other than the ones indicated above. Otherwise, the device can be used on a daily basis for as long as you like.
7. Where on my body can I use the device? Does it matter where the electrodes are placed?
You can use the device just about anywhere on your body. However, we recommend against using it on your face (for cosmetic reasons and because in some rare cases it might provoke a seizure if someone is prone to seizures already).
We do not recommend using the electrodes or wristbands on any wounds or open skin, nor on the genitals, rectum or the front of your neck.
The device should never be used for people with electronic implants such as pace makers. While the device can be used by those with non-electronic implants, do not place the electrodes so that the current flows through the implant. This is a safety precaution to avoid causing any metal ions to seep from the implant due to the current.
8. Is one style of electrode better than another?
The electrode style does not matter for effectiveness. New users are encouraged to use the wrist straps.
9. I have used the device daily and my wrists became sore. Can I switch the location of the bands from my wrists to my ankles and still get the best effect, or should the bands be alternated daily?
You can switch the electrode location anytime, even during a session, without reducing the effect. If you experience any skin irritation more than minor red skin that fades within a day, try using gel electrodes or the handheld steel pipes. The skin on your palms is of a different nature and we have never seen it show any reaction to the small current used during zapping. Older people, dehydrated people and sick people generally have more trouble with skin irritations.
10. If I have a specific location with pain such as back pain or sciatica, can I put the electrodes directly over the affected area?
Yes, you may take gel electrodes and stick them directly on your back to allow the zapping current to flow through the affected area, which is very effective.
11. What should I do if pain goes away for a few days then returns, or the device is just not making a difference?
In this case you may want to try a technique called a broad sweep. In your package you were given three cards, each with different sets of frequency steps. Use one card each day in a series. Use the first card on day one, the second card on day two, and the third card of day three and continue repeating that process.
There is no absolute right or wrong way to use this device. You are encouraged to test for yourself different ways of using the device to find what works best for you. Experiment with different voltages, for different lengths of time, at varying times of the day. Try using each of the cards, even if you don't think the card is specific to your needs.
Please Note: This product may not be appropriate for all persons. Do not buy or use this product before consulting your physician and getting their approval.