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From the desk of Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT
Co-Founder of The Healthy Back Institute®

Jesse Cannone

Dear friend,

If you have ANY form of chronic pain... whether it’s joint pain, muscle pain, tightness, stiffness, or full-blown arthritis, I have some good news that may FINALLY help you get lasting relief.

You see, my friend and colleague Dr. Mark Wiley understands what it’s like to live in constant pain. And he knows how desperate and frustrated you can get when you spend embarrassing amounts of time and money looking for answers, and STILL come up empty.

When Dr. Wiley was a young man, he developed a brutal form of osteoarthritis that left him in constant pain so bad he could barely walk. And that was on top of his migraines, neck, shoulder, and back pain.

When mainstream drugs and surgery failed, Dr. Wiley left home in search of answers. After 15 years of travel, studying with doctors and healers from around the world, and earning 3 degrees in medicine, Dr. Wiley pieced together the answers that gave him COMPLETE RELIEF from 30 years of misery.

Now Dr. Wiley Shares His Proven Pain-Relieving Discoveries With YOU

A young Mark with a traditional Filipino “bone-setting” healer in Mindanao, Philippines.

Dr. Wiley has a very unique perspective on pain. He pushed through all the limitations you come up against when you look for answers. He moved beyond the fear and frustration... the drugs and surgery... and the so-called solutions that only provide temporary relief.

Dr. Wiley’s approach is so remarkable because there are no “partial victories.” His system works every time to relieve 100% of your pain, and even reverses damage you suffered years, or even decades ago.

In Dr. Wiley’s book Arthritis Reversed - which is yours FREE-you’ll discover ideas, insights and techniques even your doctor has NEVER heard of... simple techniques you can use together, to quickly, and effectively eliminate your pain.

You’ll find out how to use:

  • Melt Away Pain On Contact with topical creams and oils from China and Southeast Asia that are completely unheard of here in the U.S.

  • Target Rheumatoid Arthritis, osteoarthritis, and chronic joint pain with little-known herbs, nutrients and Traditional Chinese formulas.

  • Get an Immediate RUSH of Relief with the simple stretches that gently re-align your bones and joints.

But as effective as these new solutions are, we’re just scratching the surface of Dr. Wiley’s pain-relieving knowledge base. There’s so much more.

To really give you that shot at life-changing, lasting relief, Dr. Wiley shows you the deeper causes of your pain... which most doctors completely overlook.

You'll Also Discover the Arthritis-Busting Secrets Ignored By Modern Medicine:

Which Foods Trigger the Inflammation that make your joints and muscles constantly ache, and how even some “healthy” foods send waves of searing pain through your body.

  • Which Foods Snuff Out Inflammation and help restore relaxed, pain-free joints. PLUS, the little-known fat-burning foods that help you tackle the stubborn fat around your belly, hips, and backside.

  • How to Give Your Body a Diagnostic “Check Up” to see where you may have too much of something (like excessive glucose, or too many diuretic beverages)... too little of something (like a deficiency of water, healthy fats, or thermogenic spices)... and where you’re experiencing “stagnation,” (like a buildup of toxins, or lactic acid).

  • What Massage Therapists Miss: The impossibly tight, “contraction knots” that develop in muscle and tissue when an area of the body is stressed, “frozen,” injured or overworked... and how to release and relieve them with an almost unknown therapy designed specifically for people with arthritis and chronic pain.

  • How Balance and Realign Your “Energy Body” Simple techniques you can do anytime, anywhere, that tap the power of China’s ancient tradition of Tai Chi, and QiGong. This “energy medicine” frees up energy, deepens your breathing, relieves stress, and chronic pain, and sends a stream of energy up and down your body you can actually FEEL.

  • The Surprising Link Between Arthritis and Depression: How suffering through everyday pain can trigger full-blown depression, and the simple fix that brightens your mood, and tackles the gloominess you may be feeling on the inside.

  • REVEALED: The 10 BIG Arthritis Mistakes Keeping You in Pain: Learn how these big mainstream-medicine blunders are sabotaging your efforts to get lasting relief.

  • Why ALL “Approved Medications” for Arthritis Only Make Your Pain WORSE: The little-known “booby trap” hiding in popular NSAIDs and other over-the-counter pain relievers.

  • And so much more...

There are more pain-relieving surprises in this 284-page book than I could ever tell you about in this short letter.

And even though Dr. Wiley is a best-selling author, with over a dozen books in print...

Meet Dr. Mark Wiley

Dr. Wiley is a master of holistic healing and creator of the self-directed wellness model, The Wiley Method.

Using the same system he developed to help himself, Dr. Wiley has been helping his own patients beat pain - arthritis or otherwise - for over 15 years.

He has studied directly with leading experts of both modern pain treatments and ancient holistic healing arts in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and throughout Europe and the United States.

Dr. Wiley apprenticed under Dr. Ong Kok Seng, the noted "bone setting" doctor of Chinese medicine and Dr. Robert Chu, world-famous acupuncturist and herbalist known for his cancer treatment and orthopedic bone and tendon treatments.

A best-selling author, Dr. Wiley has written over 500 articles and over a dozen books. He's also a world-renowned martial art master and in-demand international seminar instructor in both natural health and martial arts.

Dr. Wiley holds earned doctorates in both Oriental (OMD) and Alternative (PhD) medicine and a Masters (MSM) in Health Care Management.

Dr. Wiley Has NEVER Revealed His Arthritis-Relieving
Secrets to the Public... UNTIL NOW!

You may not know this, but I’ve had Dr. Wiley on the medical advisory board of The Healthy Back Institute for years.

I've personally relied on his vast knowledge and holistic approach to help our clients recover from their arthritis, back pain, and chronic pain quickly and completely.

That's why the first time I heard his story a few years ago of how he beat arthritis I immediately asked him to write a book about it. It’s not every day you meet a man who completely healed himself from crippling, non-stop pain by uncovering a system that outperforms ANYTHING mainstream medicine can throw at you.

I actually pleaded with him to write this book.

Arthritis Reversed Book

I asked him to think about people like YOU who are feeling stuck, frustrated and ready to pull their hair out because everything they try turns out to be a dead end... or at best, a partial, incomplete attempt and getting a few minutes of pain relief.

And I know there are LOTS of people like YOU who are worn out, in constant pain, and at their wits end.

Today, your search is over.

I have the answers in my hand... and now I’m turning them over to YOU.

So Take a Deep Breath:
The Torture of Arthritis Pain

You see, I’ve personally heard from hundreds of our clients asking me how they can finally end their arthritis pain and get their lives back to normal. I’m certain there are thousands more I’ve not heard from yet.

People who may have been helped by the numerous hints, tips and fully-developed therapies I’ve shared over the years... but who still don't have the complete picture they need to finally end their arthritis pain once and for all.

Because no one had ever pulled together all the answers for treating arthritis into one self-directed wellness model for them like Dr. Wiley has.

Instead of the usual approach of treating individual symptoms and diseases, Dr. Wiley's method takes into consideration ALL the internal and external factors that cause your chronic pain, illness and disease.

And thanks to his experience and training in both conventional Western and alternative medicines, he has the unique ability to pull the best of both worlds-without bias-to get to the root of your arthritis pain.

In short, I knew if I could just get his program into your hands it would help you finally end arthritis pain for good.

The problem is Dr. Wiley is a tremendously busy guy. He travels extensively every year and is in high demand around the world as a lecturer, and seminar instructor.

That’s why it’s critical you get this book in your hands RIGHT NOW.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so...


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Many of Dr. Wiley’s patients spent years-even decades-of their lives and thousands of dollars on ineffective treatments before discovering his method of reversing arthritis.

You’ve probably spent more than enough already yourself on painkillers and other arthritis treatments that haven’t delivered lasting relief.

It's time to stop wasting your time and money.

Right now, today, when you accept my offer, I’ll rush you an actual hold-in-your-hands copy of Arthritis Reversed - and I’ll even buy the book for you.

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I Need to Hear from You Today!

Today, I introduced you to Dr. Mark Wiley, my trusted friend and colleague who spent 15 years on a journey to uncover the most complete, most effective ways of silencing your chronic pain and reclaiming your active life.

I showed you many of his never-seen-before techniques for getting BOTH immediate, and long-lasting relief from your pain. And I offered to put this game-changing book in your hands today at NO COST to you.

Now the decision is yours.

As I see it, you have 3 options:

  • You can forget you ever read this letter, and hope beyond hope that your pain somehow goes away on its own...
  • You can keep going from doctor to doctor, consulting with the “experts,” to see if there’s yet another drug or procedure they can sell you. (Not much better than your first option.)
  • Or you can get a FREE copy of Dr. Wiley’s book Arthritis Reversed and start getting relief RIGHT NOW.

There’s no risk involved. There’s nothing to lose.

But you need to act right away... when the FREE copies are gone, they’re GONE.

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Every time you work in your garden, play a round of golf, or enjoy a pain-free night out with your friends, you’ll be reminded you made the right decision.

Jesse Cannone

P.S. -- This book is so easy to use, you’ll have dozens of new options can use right away. And here’s something I didn’t tell you yet: Dr. Wiley included a super-easy 30-day action plan that makes it impossible to fail.

He takes you through each step, and shows you EXACTLY what to do first, what to do second, and how to get lasting results based on YOUR specific needs and situation. It’s a customized plan that leaves nothing to chance.

So even if you thought your case was too complicated, or too “different” for something like this to work... I have great news. EVERYONE I know who uses Dr. Wiley’s method gets relief. I honestly don’t know a single person who’s missed out.

So please, for your sake, take a single minute out of your day RIGHT NOW and claim your FREE copy of Arthritis Reversed.
Arthritis Reversed Book


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